03 August, 2008

Friday celebrations and more cards

Friday night we dropped the girls off at Murray's folks and had a drink with them before heading out to dinner. Waiting for me was this awesome present below, I am so excited about it, that I feel like cooking and baking up a storm. Thank you so much I love it...!!!

We then went to meet another 2 couples we are very good friends with at Aqua restaurant at Sibaya Casino for my birthday celebration. The restaurant was beautiful, forgot my camera, but Alex took some pics and I will post later. It had a real ocean and glass theme going, the food was superb, although I thought the seafood platter that Murray and I shared was not worth what we paid for it...too pricey, but it was a celebration, so what the heck!!!

I got a few more cards for my RAK challenge...will be drawing a winner this coming week.

Card from Gran (Noreen) Jenny.

Card from Charli.

Card from Michelle.

Card and cute mini album from Amy.

Card from Jenny.

I got these beautiful blooms off from EBAY, don't you just love them, cannot wait to use them.


  1. Oh wow, love the mixer. Hope to taste some of your baking treats!!

  2. You lucky, lucky girl ... Love it!!!

  3. Can't wait to see the results of the Kenwood cooking storms coming up. Enjoy.


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