26 February, 2008

Every Mom's worst nightmare

I think this is the one thing that every Mom hopes her child never does, but it happened to mine.

Amy asked me for scissors yesterday to cut some pictures out. I thought nothing of it and gave them to her, as she uses them at school so I thought it would be good practice for her...

When a child is left unattended with them is not a good thing I guess. After cutting pictures I think she decided it was a good a time as any to cut her hair, or should I say hack it off.

The funny thing is, I never really noticed it at first until we got back from dinner at RJ's last night and she was fast asleep.

I went to turn down her bed and found a clump of hair, thought it was a dolly's hair, but it indeed was hers. So I searched her room flat and finally found the evidence hidden in her clips holder on the wall, maybe she thought if she hid it away nobody would say anything.

This morning, Dad sat her down on our bed and asked her did she cut it and was this her hair in the box, she said "NO" to start off with, but eventually said it was hers. He explained nicely to her that it was not nice of her to do so etc, etc, etc.

As her punishment she is not allowed to watch any TV or her movies for 4 days, she is only allowed to play with her toys. She was not very happy with that. We might give in earlier than that...

Here is the evidence I took photos of this morning before she headed off to school.

You can only imagine how cross I am, as her fringe was almost the length of her hair at the back. Which is what I was trying to achieve.

So, from now on...no scissors, unless she is using them in my presence...


  1. Oh Sophia...I am so sorry! I know it doesn't make you feel any better...but it happens to all of us...even those of us that only have boys!!

    Just remember....it will grow back out!

    {{{{{HUGS}}}}}} to you and Amy!!!

  2. awww bless your heart and hers.
    Well at least the layered look is in.
    I think this will teach her a great lesson.

  3. You have my sympathies Sophia. My friends daughter cut her own fringe (bangs) not so long since and it made me so glad my daughter loves her hair the way it is! Don't worry it will soon grow back. Maybe a trip to the hair dressers to shorten the back would make the bit she cut catch up quicker??

    Kids eh?! :-)

  4. Oh Sophia I have been there and it really sucks!!! Cait did hers right in front though on the bangs and put them about an inch from her scalp - they stuck straight up forever!!! Hugs to you and Amy!!!

  5. Oh no!
    Grace did that right before Christmas only not as much, just her bangs. She had been complaining that they were getting in her eyes and I did not cut them soon enough to suit her and she did it herself. I have to say that she was not sorry she did it - even after she got into trouble.

    Amy's hair will grow, but isn't it aggravating when they do things like that?

  6. Oh no! Kids just love trying out things.

    Leanne did that too, but it was her sideburns and then she used permanent marker to "put them back". I had to laugh at her!!

  7. Well, some ladies pay a fortune to get such lovely bangs cut into their hair by professional hair stylists ... must say Amy got the bang idea okay.


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