26 February, 2008

Weekend Fun

Amy, Chloe and I took a long weekend and went to spend it with my folks in Empangeni. Murray stayed at home as he had an exam on Monday to study for...

Had a very relaxing weekend, apart from the hot and humid weather that was to be had.

Saturday we went to Josh's 3rd birthday party, which was a Winnie the Pooh theme, they did a great job on the decorations.

The kids were entertained by a Magician and then they all played games outdoors. They had a lot of fun.

Josh, birthday boy

Party decorations

All the Tostee cousins

The Magician

My little Princess, before the cut hairdo...

Hope you enjoyed the pictures above.


  1. Darling pics - looks like you had a nice weekend!!

  2. Happy Birthday from Germany!!!
    I think you have a beautiful party!

  3. Hi Sophia,

    your little girl is stunning..

    anyway, wanted to invite you to The South African Bloggers Network - http://sabloggers.ning.com

    still new, still recruiting!

    but sign up, so we can all hook up!

    ps: also thought you might enjoy The Bad Mommy Blog - www.batchfoobadmommy.blogspot.com


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