30 January, 2008

Toot for Me

This morning I woke up to this AWESOME email below.

Hi Sophia,

We are pleased to inform you that your entry, entitled “Great Escape” has been chosen as the winner of our “Journey of a Lifetime” contest that was sponsored by Maya Road.

We were touched by your beautiful journaling and by the gorgeous photography. The layout is also very well composed. We will be featuring your layout in the giveaway section of the spring issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today. You will also be receiving (in the mail) a beautiful prize package from Maya Road.

Can you please confirm your mailing address as soon as possible?

Thank you for your entry and congratulations!


Kerry McRorie
Scrapbook & Cards Today

I had completely forgotten that I had even entered this competition, so I was thrilled beyond belief.

This is the LO that I entered and this is the journaling on it.

Has to simply be Mauritius…

My parents were born and bred on this magical island. I think it is that island style blood in me that draws me to its intoxicating lifestyle. It’s the one place I can totally be free, let my hair down and just be me.

Imagine nothing other than just lazing around on beautiful white sandy beaches; swimming in turquoise blue oceans and spending alone time with yourself.

When I look at these photos, I can almost feel the sand squishing through my toes; the smell of suntan lotion being rubbed on my body and the delicious aroma of Creole food being prepared for dinner.

The sound of the pounding surf, the beauty of the waves as the tide comes and goes. Walking along the beach, the spray upon my face. The smell of ocean air as a breeze whisks across my face and blows my hair. The sound of sea gulls from above. How peaceful and beautiful this gift from God.

I remember the times I stood on this beach, with nothing but ocean for miles. The warmth of the sunlight captured my heart, and made conviction with my smile. For my soul was free on that beach, every worry, tear and pain faded with each sound of the waves. I was no longer filled with disdain.

How I yearn to walk this beach again. To hear the gulls, to feel the spray on my face, the sand between my toes. To see the beautiful ocean, to watch the tides come and go. The sun rising, the glitter of the rays upon the sea. This beautiful gift from God. How beautiful the peace upon my soul, the walk with God, the quiet moments I share, I can almost hear the pounding surf, smell the salt sea air. I almost feel the breeze as it brushes my cheek. To be upon the beach, see the sun rise and set, to feel the ocean spray upon my face again. Oh how I miss this wondrous gift from God.

I treasure my time I spent here, even though they are few and far between.
It has been my heaven on earth, where all dreams seem possible. Where no barriers stand in my way, there is just me, unstoppable. I have not been there in five long years and my return is still unknown.

The best part of it all, I LOVE Maya Road Products...canot wait for my goodies to arrive so I can play!!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Well Done! I have finally convinced my hubby that I really need to go the JHB Convention, so have sent off my form this am!! I'm SO excited!!!

  2. Hey you are lucky; Very excited to see what you won.
    Good marketing for Mauritius also
    p.s. Busy going scrapping :)

  3. Congrats Sophia!!! I adore that layout and am so proud of you!!! Way to go!!! I am sure you will be published more as your work is amazing!!!

  4. Huge congrats Sophia!! Your work is phenomenal and this layout is no exception!!

  5. I would like to have Paisley Pattern from Internet.
    thanks for your help.
    love your cousin from mtius


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