17 January, 2008

Special Week

These are just some family photos that were taken by Murray's Dad on Sunday, at least I have some to scrap now.

Our darling little baby girl Chloe, turned 2 months on Tuesday. She is starting to smile so sweetly that it melts my heart.

Then yesterday, our big girl, Amy turned 4.

Happy Birthday my sweet angel, I hope you had a great day. Mommy, Daddy and Chloe love you lots...and we are so proud of you.

We look forward to having some fun at your party next Saturday, when Grandmere & Grandpere get back from their holiday in Mauritius.

Last night Murray and I babysat Henri 2 kids, Travis and Mycaela...OMG it was weird, it made me think like imagine if these kids were like ours, it would be like 4 kids all over the place, it was stressful, thank goodness I only have 2, and hope to keep it like that.

A little from my creative side and busy with lots of other things too...Here are some cards and a LO I made for some challenges over at MMFY.

Went to Spurs for Amy's birthday dinner tonight, she had fun, just got a little shy when they brought her ice-cream sparkle treat and their loud singing...

Busy baking 25 cupcakes for Amy's birthday ring tomorrow, so far so good, none burnt...yay!

That is all for now, have a fairly busy weekend ahead, enjoy yours...

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  1. Happy birthday Amy - hope you had a lovely day and an even better party!

    Chloe is looking so cute - the nice age now when they start discovering things.

    I like your cards - you have certainly been busy!



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