16 November, 2007

What's this COUNTRY coming to

When I finally managed to get out of bed and get showered and dressed. I quickly went out to the Pavilion Shopping Centre to go buy Amy's doll, that she will be bringing home from the hospital, same time I bring baby home...before the time runs away from me.

Little did I know that I was going to be in for this!!!

I must have just got there 15-20 minutes after the incident happened, but by the time I got down the escalator to Woolies. They closed off certain sections of the shopping centre. Where we just had to wait till we could carry on shopping etc.

What actually happened was 3-4 armed robbers came in and held up Arthur Kaplan Jewellers and Beverly Jewellers. Then a policeman on duty saw what was happening and tried to stop them, but they opened gun fire on him...

Read as it is printed here.

Just as well, I got there afterwards and not before or during...someone is watching me above!!!
I really do not know what they are going to do wit the upcoming Christmas season that is almost upon us, makes you not want to go shopping anymore.

On a lighter note, this is the DOLL that I got for Amy, I hope she is going to like it. My Mom kept a lot of the clothes I had for My First Love doll when I was little, and it looks like the size will be perfect for Amy to use on her doll...it will bring back fond memories of my dolls...

BABY born Function Doll with Magic Eyes

BABY born, performing nine life-like functions, teaches children the responsibility of taking care of their "own" baby. BABY born comes with everything you will need to take care of your new arrival. BABY born drinks from her bottle, eats her own special food, wets her diaper, cries real tears, soils her potty, squeals with delight and is fully pose able with adjustable arms, legs and head. These life-like functions instill in the young caretaker a sense of responsibility of caring for a real child, and the proud sense of achievement for a job well done. BABY born comes complete with all the accessories necessary to perform the major functions listed above: a bottle, plate, spoon, special doll food, potty, diaper, pacifier, birth certificate and comes dressed in a special outfit.

Here's to Amy having hours of fun with her new baby doll.

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