19 October, 2007

Last post for today

Murray and I went for our 34 weeks scan and Gyny visit today...

Our sweet little Girl, is still lying breech, although there is more than enough fluid for her to turn in, we are not sure if she will...

Her weight is sitting at 3kgs at the moment and if I go full term which is supposed to be 29th November, she will weigh 4kgs and over, now that is a scary thought...

So this is what has been decided by Dr Martin...and you know what, he is the BOSS!!!

If she does not turn from breech for a natural delivery, I will be having a Cesarean. If she does turn, then he will induce earlier so that I can deliver an about 3.8kg baby like Amy was.

Our little girl, is a lot different in looks, she is a lot chubbier and has fat cheeks and lots & lots of hair; Amy was long and thin at birth.

The date period he is looking at all this happening is anything between the 17th - 22nd November.

Let's have some fun and see if YOU can guess when HER birthday will be and how much she will wiegh in at. I will be giving away a RAK to the lucky winner.

So watch this space, SHE will be here sooner than you think.

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