02 September, 2007

Started Renovations & Baby's 4D Scan

Early start this morning to pick up Gerome the handyman from my work. He is helping us to scrape, patch and paint the wall downstairs in our {Den} area. There is some serious waterproofing problems on the wall, that the previous owners neglected to waterproof on the outside. So, until we fix the major problem...for now it is painting over the problem wall once a year or so.

We are hoping to have that problem sorted out next year sometime, so for now...we go the easy way out.

Once he has completed that, then it will be onto Amy's new room (Dad's old study room). There is sanding, painting of walls, door frames ceiling, old cupboard, window frames etc. Before we can start moving the furniture in and start making it into her lovely Pink & Purple room she requested.

Gerome achieved quite a bit with both the projects, so I was impressed. He will be back next Sunday to complete the finishing touches etc.

I already have the bed, linen, curtains and other bits and pieces to furnish her room...it is going to look so cute and pretty when done...will post photos then.

I also just wanted to show some pics from our 4D scan we had on Tuesday, I don't think the pics are that great, but I thought we would share them with you all anyways.

I just love in some of these pics, how she is holding her little hands, and in one of them it looks like she is praying...to precious for words.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend, they go by far too quickly.


  1. Wow, I can't believe we now have 4D scans.... When I was pregnant nearly 5 years ago, we had 3D scans I and thought that was fancy. Can't believe you're 6 months already. Feels like just the other day you just found out.....


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