26 August, 2007

My {Mom} here & {Baby} update

Cannot believe the weekend has come and gone again, amazing how time just flies by...

My Mom came down on Saturday morning with my friend, Natalie and we met them in Toti at Gemma's 2nd birthday party that Amy got invited to. Amy loved spending time with their dogs, as per normal...she is mad about anything animal related. I think it is more so, because we do not have any pets of our yet, maybe one day.

The party was a Barney theme, which Amy loved and they asked me to take some pictures for them, so I guess you could call me their photographer for the day. It was fun, to get to use my new camera too. So, these are some of the pictures I got...hope you like!?!

Pics of the birthday girl, Gemma Jane

Amy having fun

Love this pic of Amy & my Mom

Josh doing his "Superman" jump

Almost 7 months pregnant, so I had better post some info and pics on 6 months.

Feeling energetic and excited about the forthcoming birth? If you find yourself dancing around the house with joy, your baby will hear the music and feel you sway, since his hearing and sense of movement are well developed now. She's also started blinking her eyelids. At the end of this week, your baby becomes "viable". This means that she has a chance of survival if she makes an early arrival. However, with each week that passes, he becomes more and more mature and better able to cope with the outside world.

Your baby is continuing to grow. Its body is getting plumper, but its skin is still wrinkled because she will gain even more weight. Lanugo hair on the body occasionally turns darker at this time.The baby's face and body begin to assume more of the appearance of an your baby at birth.The lips are distinct and the eyes are formed, although the iris still lack pigment. The baby's movements are more co-ordinated as more nerve fibres connect, and she will start to react to sounds or music around this time.

Apart from getting nice and fat in the tummy area, I am also feeling a lot more pain lower, this time round than I did with Amy.

As for a name for our baby {Girl}, Murray and I have both settled on something we like. Let's see if it stays that way or do we change our mind, therefore we will not post the name until she is born.

Murray has started moving his computer stuff down to our pub / basement area, which we will be converting into a computer /scrapbooking / children's den, where we can all hang out having some fun together as a family. Whether it will be watching a movie together, or Murray playing on his computer; or me just plain old scrapping away...but we can all do it together!!! As we need the 3rd bedroom ready to start the painting on it etc and start converting it into Amy's new room. That way she will feel a bit spoilt with the new baby coming and not feel left out...I hope. She is so excited about it all, and she chose Pink & Purple as her colours, how sweet.

That is about it for the weekend, more stuff to be moved downstairs.

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