03 March, 2007

Weekend away and a party

We are in Empangeni again at my folks place for the weekend, came up last night. Chris and Mary-Anne are here with their 2 boys.

Last night's weather was not too bad for sleeping purposes, but today's has been even worse with the temperature soaring into the high 39 degrees.

I got a couple of cute pics of Amy playing outside with her cousin, Mathew and the dreaded red umbrella. Which now has a couple of buckled arms...lol.
We attended Josh's 2nd birthday party this afternoon. Theme being "Spiderman" of course what else for little boys...

Besides that, they had a large water slide for the kids to slide on, which Chris added far too much bubble bath to the water...bubbles everywhere, but kids enjoyed themselves. Amy also managed to squeeze in some time on jumping castle amongst all the eating and playing. Then it was time for Josh to blow his candles, which the wind did not give him half a chance...

Managed to capture some photos of Amy having fun and a more recent family photo of the 3 of us.

- time to relax and try to stay cool in this heat.

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