04 March, 2007

Umfolozi Day Trip

We decided at the spur of the moment to take a drive out to Umfolozi Game Reserve, don't know what possessed us, as the external weather got to 42.5 degrees celsius in the park.

Due to the fact it was so hot, are sightings where very limited to Impala, Impala and more Impala.

The occasional Waterbuck, Kudu and Warthogs.

Our most interesting sighting was a baby Liguavaan (Amy called it liquorfarm), in the water below the bridge.

Made it to Impila Camp, to stretch the legs and relax for a few minutes. Had to restock on our drink supplies, as it was running very low with the heat, we seemed to go through the liquids very quickly.

My mom managed to get a photo of the 3 of us outdoors in the wild, so to speak.

On our way back, we saw Wildebeest (Amy called it Wildebear), Giraffe (the only one all day), and just as we were driving out the gate, I spotted the one and only Elephant in the bush.

Gave Amy a bath and put her pjs on before leaving my parents home. She slept all the way home, so all we had to do was put her straight to bed.

Later that evening we had a rather bad storm with loads of rain, thunder and lightening, but we so needed the rain...

- fun day had, but far too hot.

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