07 December, 2006

Wednesday night was...

Sailing night, thanks to Eddie and his beautiful Catamarin; and to Felicity for inviting us.

Cafe Fish in the distance

Had to dash all the way to Murray's folks house to drop off Amy, then rush to the Point Yacht Club, to be able to go sailing at 6pm. THE weather was awesome, until just before we were about to hed out to sea, the wind turned, and the Skipper decided it was better to stay in the bay. So we sailed around, drinking, chatting and laughung with friends.

Felicity and I, monkeying around

Murray and I, battled to get him to smile
Esplanade View of the City
Sun setting
Sails on our boat

When we got back to the moorings, we had a braai and relaxed on the boat.

Managed to capture some awesome pictures of the boats on the bay and of us fooling around.

Hey, Felicity, I hope we get to crack the nod again, it was awesome fun!

- until our next sailing trip.

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  1. Hi there. Your photos are stunning. I am sure you will be doing a scrapping layout on these!! Glad it was not me - the fish would not have gone hungry that night!


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