25 December, 2006

Oh what a {CHRISTMAS} it was...


Well, I have been up fairly early this morning, could not sleep, wonder who is more excited about Christmas...Amy or Mom (she is still sleeping).

Oh well, my special friend has been keeping me company on MSN chat, until everyone finally woke up. At least I was the first to wish you Merry Christmas all the way from South Africa...

Had Amy under the Christmas tree opening her presents, she got very spoilt, as per normal. Nice clothes and toys from everybody. From us, she got a 12ft trampoline, as she loves them and we thought it would be fun for her; also a 4m Slip n Slid. Murray expected more of an excited expression when she saw the trampoline, but all he got was, "who did buy that for me". As for mom, I finally got a photo printer for Scrapbooking...yippee!!! It can scan my layouts / print photo lab quality photos up to A4 size, if and when I need them / and prints as a normal printer. This toy is really going to be fun to use...thanks, Murray.

Excuse the non-painted walls, we are hoping to get that done early in the new year...
We then got ready to leave to go to my Murray's folks home for Christmas lunch (each year we alternate, who gets to have us on Christmas Day). My folks had been invited to my brother, Chris's place for lunch.

Amy got even more presents at Granny & Grandpa Allison's house. She got lego and other small things, and a nice new pink bicycle. She loves it, as you can see in the photos.

Lunch was yummy, Brian made a superb Turkey with all the trimmings...he is a master chef in the kitchen. We just need to convince him to make us a nice lunch still, with his home pasta maker machine.
L - R
Amy, Murray, Dawn, Brian and Beryl

Got home later, all tired out and full. My brother, Henri and his family popped in at our home, before driving back to Empangeni with my folks; it was nice to see him again.

After everyone had left, the house was back to normal, it was quiet again...Just got a lot of cleaning up and packing away to do, but tomorrow is another day. Too tired for that now...

- another Christmas has come and gone, now we await New Years eve.


  1. Hi. Yip it looks like you had a great Xmas day - especially little Amy - who by the looks of it has been spoilt endlessly and didn't need any special riding lessons for that new bike. The trampoline looks great - very good exercise tool! Will be updating DOING LIFE soon. Love Desire

  2. awesome pics sophia ~ amy is
    just so adorable! and wow you
    all look like you're tanning on
    christmas day ~ would love to
    have your weather...want some


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