24 December, 2006

Christmas Eve is upon us...

Well, my folks came down yesterday. Been helping my mom make fruit salad and trifle. Smells of glazed Gammon cooking in the oven, now that is what I love about Christmas. It's all those little things that remind me of home.

My Dad is busy cooking Chinese noodles for dinner, also one of the reasons why love having my folks to visit. I really miss my folks cooking from home, all those yummy Mauritian meals.

I have some last minute presents to wrap, when Amy decides to go to sleep...lol. She is kind of aware of what is happening around her, with the whole Christmas thing. Not too fused about it though, thought she would show more excitement...

Well, I hope you have all your presents wrapped and that you are ready for tomorrow. Happy opening presents.

- off to eat dinner, and get those pressies wrapped.

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