29 December, 2006

A day in the countryside...

We decided to take a drive out to Umdloti, to spend some time with Jason at the beach, but he said the weather was not too good, as it was quite windy. So, we opted for a drive to Rawdons for drinks. They brew their own beer here, so if you want to know more about it, you are welcome to read all about it, by simply clicking on the Rawdons name above.

Then it was onto lunch at the Bierfassl. They had a playground here, so Amy kept getting one of us to go with her. Even Jason got called out to go...thanks J, hope you had fun on the swings...lol!!

Murray's appetite got the better of him and he ordered the Eisbein, you can see how huge it is. Yes, he managed to finish it all. As for me, I chose the Pan-fried Trout with capers. It was a good choice...

Then on route home, we decided to stop off at Granny Mouse's Country House for scones and cappuccino, this place has been voted the best for their fresh scones and strawberry jam. Then, Amy started to perform, as there was a dog there that she wanted to take home...the more we said she could not, the more she started to perform, so that cut our afternoon tea short.

Between Murray and I we managed to capture these photos of Amy. It was so nice to see her running around and just appreciating nature at it's best.

- with all that fresh country air, we are sure to sleep well tonite.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to your updates. I have been meaning to leave a comment, but ..... well now I am.

    Your photos are stunning and the way you put them onthe blog with your comments takes you to where you guys were.

    I really enjoyed the "Elf dance" I did it with my picture and hosed myself!!

    Keep blogging.


    Michelle Ramsay

  2. I have just signed in to get an account, so was testing this out.



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