28 December, 2006

Festive Scrapbooking...

Can you believe, I finally scrapped these Christmas photos of Amy at Granny & Grandpa Allisons from December 2005.

Journaling reads:

The Magic of Christmas…is for little children.

Seeing the delight on Amy’s face while opening her presents. Brings pure joy to my heart. She is nearly 2 years old here. Only slightly aware what Christmas is all about. I want her to know the true meaning of Christmas…”It’s the birth of Jesus, and all the good that goes with it”. I don’t want her thinking it is only about receiving presents, but also the fact of giving to those less fortunate.

She could not open her gifts quick enough, and once they were all done, she helped Grandpa and Granny Allison open theirs. It might just be the unwrapping of the gifts and seeing what is inside, that makes that much more exciting.

Last, but not least, Christmas is also for the dogs too, Amy opened up their gift and it did not take her long, before she was spoiling them with their treats - 25th December 2005

- more to come.

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