25 September, 2006

End of long weekend

Imagine if we had 3 day weekends all the time, I think I could get used to that.

It's official a new baby Tostee has been born to my brother Henri and his wife, Emma. A new sister for Travis. Welcome Mycaela to the {Big} world. Born on Saturday at 12h55 and weighing in at 2.76kgs and she is a real cutie...

Hey Grandmere, Amy is now no longer your only granddaughter, you have another little girl to spoil with PINK things. Amy now has a girl cuzzie to play with.

I think it's time we started adding our second addition to our family, sure hope I still have a chance to have another, {38} is kinda getting old, but I see woman are having kids later in life...still hope for me.

My {Avid} little book reader...

Felicity and I took Amy down to the {Ushaka} beach on Saturday, it was nice spending time out in the sun and fresh air, she loved it...Then it was time for milkshakes at Nino's.

Sunday, we had lunch at Murray's parents. Denise, Jozane, Christo and little Luke came round too. It was nice to see them again, and Luke is the cutest little thing on two legs, with his blond curly hair and blue eyes.

Needless to say, Amy's nose was out of joint as some new kid had invaded her Granny and Grandpa's turf. It is amazing how kids are at this age...

- it has been a relaxing looooong weekend.

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