21 September, 2006

I've been scrapping...

Well, it's Thursday evening, Murray had to go back to work (something about bringing 30 servers down, and having to restart them again).
So, yes you guessed it right, I decided to get my {A} into G, and get some of my pages done from a Scrap Kit I got in August.

On a slightly different note...bear in mind, not for the faint-hearted...hehehe.
Amy seems to really be getting this {potty} training down to a fine art, she went all on her own this afternoon to make a wee-wee and poo-poo. Although, she has been wearing panties for some time now, especially at school and at home. She has been doing well with the wee-wee part of things, but she seemed to hold back on the poo-poo, until a nappy was put on her. Of course, my heart skipped a bit, my little darling girl, is slowly but surely becoming a big girl. Just imagine the money I would be saving on the disposables, more to spend on Scrapbooking goodies...just kidding!!!
- one proud and scrapped out momma.

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