26 August, 2006

Mini Town & Fun Rides...

Feels like I have not posted in a while, but in fact it has only been a week.

We woke to a nice sunny day and decided to take Amy down to Mini Town to have some fun. She quite liked the idea of being bigger than everything else, just that we had to keep stopping her from wanting to touch it all.

I have just been promoted to the Mayor of Durban, yeah right!!!

Durban's Mini Town

Granny, this one is for you, thought you might get a good laugh here, watching the {White Ants} having fun bowling.

As for the Soccer Stadium, I am sure it will be a better improvement for 2010 World Cup, well let's hope so...

Seeing that we where already down at the beachfront, decided we would take her on some rides too, needless to say, we got dragged to go on some...

Here we are in the vintage cars, with Amy in the driving seat. Then we all got dragged into the Sante Fe train, a bit hot, but fun.

We decided to take a walk down the pier, so Amy could see the waves at the end. I managed to catch some boys building sandcastles, they must have put some hardwork into those. Just some close ups of Durban Beach Front. Simon, those surfers in the water are for you, I was sure it would make you long back for home...

I leave you with this parting shot of our Durban Beach Front...enjoy!

- a fun day had by all.

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