17 July, 2006

Made it through Round 1...

I entered into Queen of Croppin Paradise Round one. I was notified today that out of all the entries for the competition my two layouts made Round 1, and I am one of the 35 finalists to go through to Round 2.

Here it is in black & white...scroll down till you see my name {SophiaA}.

These are the 2 layouts that I submitted as per the criteria required:

If I could turn back time...

Famous last words...

How awesome, I really did not think I would stand a chance, as there are some amazing layouts that were entered.

Well, still pinching myself to make sure that this is real...and {YES}, it is real!!!

- off to start the layouts for Round 2.

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  1. Congratulations! Told you they were awesome layouts! and what I like about your work, is that throughout you are keeping your own personal style!! Now don't slack down with Round 2! Good luck. Desire


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