02 June, 2006

Our {HOME} was violated...

Yes, they broke into our home.

Came home yesterday to an open gate, as I was about to drive into the yard I noticed that the downstairs security gate was open, as well as the wooden door, then I noticed a chunk of wood was broken. So, I figured that someone must have broken in...

I reversed straight out of the driveway and drove up our road and phoned Murray. There was no way I was going in there with Amy, in case they where still inside. He was here in a flash, driving like a bat out of hell in his Emergency vehicle (BMW 328i) and hazzards flashing.

Murray, then phoned the Flying squad which they in turn only pitched up an hour and a half later. So the 3 of us where stationed outside our property until then.

Once inside we noticed nothing missing (thank goodness), just mostly property damage and more of an inconvenience than anything else. Just knowing someone had been in our home, uninvited!!!

Today, we have both been off work trying to phone around getting people to come and quote and install new security gates; need to replace the whole door frame, as it is broken and a new solid wood door. So we have decided to park my car up against the door to barricade it, to try and make it harder in case they do come again...which I hope does not happen!!!

We have now, as of today signed up with Blue Security for a state of the art security system, as Murray would call it, with all the bells and whistles. We did already have an existing alarm, but not monitored by a company, which was on and I think that the noise scared them away, once they entered the house.

Makes one think "does it have to come to this before we put in the necessary to make our lives more safe, or are we a prisoner in our own homes...

- let's hope I can sleep peacefully and safe tonight.

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