29 May, 2006

Gee, where did the weekend go...

We had a fairly active weekend.

On Saturday my Mom and Natalie came down from Empangeni as it was Mathew’s 2nd birthday party. Before the party, we went to do a bit of shopping at the Pavilion, then it was back home for my Mom to finish off the sandwiches (it is the one thing that always goes down very well at parties), and if you have not tasted my Mom’s Peanut Butter Chutney, then you have not lived!!!

The party was in the late afternoon, and you can imagine…Amy had not slept; she was grumpy; and she fell asleep on the way to the party. When it came time to take her out the car, she woke up ever so quickly, saying…”it’s party time”.

OMG, did her eyes open like saucers the minute she spotted the pony at the party. It was “come Mommy, come Mommy, go ride horsey” or “come Grandmere, let’s go ride horsey”. Between all the other kids there, I think Amy got the most rides in as she could. She did not like us walking with her while she was on the horse…this is my fearless girl. She is a real adrenaline junkie…

This is a picture of one of my very good friends, Natalie and I with our kids. Her son Josh, turned 1 in Feb and Amy is nearly 2 and a half years. Where does the time go to...

How gorgeous are these pics of Amy and her cousin Mathew, she was sulking a bit, but I took them anyway.

Hey, Dad I think Amy is trying to tell you that she wants a puppy now....!?!

As for Sunday, my Mom and I decided to head back to the Pavilion, but this time to go and watch a movie with Amy. This was her first time as a toddler at the movies, so we did not know what to expect…the minute the movie started, she was glued, and kept saying, “look Mommy, look Mommy”, it was too cute, she enjoyed most of it, but started to get a bit restless towards the end, I think she might still be a little too young. Anyways, the movie we saw was called “THE WILD”, really cute and worth taking your kids too…it is animated of course.

Then, it was time to drop my Mom off with Natalie, for their journey back to Empangeni, and we headed on over to Murray’s parents for lunch. Spent a pleasurable afternoon watching the Grandprix, Amy did not sleep at all again. So, the minute we left to come home…yes, you guessed it, she fell asleep, boy was it a problem to wake her when we got home.

At least when it came to bedtime, she did not fuss too much to go back to sleep.

- all in all, a fun weekend had.

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