25 June, 2006

Just {CHILLING} out...

It's Sunday night, and Murray and Amy are sitting around the fire he has just made. It has been an extremely cold weekend, with a huge cold front that was due to come in. Me, I am busy updating my blog for you all to read.

Friday, Murray spent the evening at work playing computer games with his mates. So, that meant that I had the internet to myself, no Murray downloading his files...yippee!!!

Saturday, My folks came down, as it was Mary-Anne's Baby Shower. Her new bundle of joy is expected late July, who knows, maybe it will be here on my birthday {30th July}. Yes, they know they are expecting another BOY. Warene, who orgainsed the shower had us hang the little clothes she got for presents on a makeshift washing line...what a novel idea!!!

Without further adieu, here is the Mom of the hour...Mary-Anne.

Here are just some cute pics of Amy and her cousin , Mathew.

Just some intimate, stolen moments between a mom and her daughter, my precious little angel!

- off to warm up near the fire.

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