22 March, 2006

First ever digital layout...

I am so damn proud of myself...I so wanted to do Kirsty's challenge, which I happily stumbled across while browsing Rhonna's Blog.

So, I thought I would try something different, and the only other way of Scrapping I have not tried was digital.

Here is my end result to my hardwork, it takes a bit of getting used to.

The designs I have used here are from Rhonna Farrer's ranges from "2Peas"...got to love her stuff, she does amazing work. She is the one that has been an inspiration for me to try a bit of Digital Scrapbooking, as she always has me drooling at her amazing work.

Signing out: excited about Digital!!!


  1. hey darling - YAY!! another fab digi layout. you digi girls rock! I love it - be proud of yourself darling and our first South African too xxxx

  2. Hey hin where have you been hiding! So glad you took on our Kirsty's challenge!

  3. Ok, this is *drop dead gorgeous*...& look at you!
    I'm so amazed that this is your first..
    you've got it, yea, baby you've got it!

    Can't wait to see more..you are amazing!

  4. Great photos and layout...very artistic, which is why I would like to leave you this link.


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