21 March, 2006

Finally done...

I have completed my mini album that Karen Burniston taught us on the cruise, and had to share it with you all.

Page 1

The cover

Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Under the tag, once moved away, it reveals hidden photo
Page 5
When you bend page 5 into the spine it reveals hidden photos below. I thought this was a really cool idea, you would not know that unless you got shown...
Page 6
The hidden photos
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
The back cover
Well, I really had fun doing this, thanks Karen for an awesome lesson!!!


  1. Candice Greenway22 March, 2006 14:10

    Hi Sophia!
    Found your blog via Karen's :o)
    Your mini album turned out beautifully, your photos are awesome & you have the sweetest little girl.
    Isn't the hidden, fold-out photo page just the COOLEST thing?
    I didn't go on the cruise 'cause I suffer from the most frightening motion sickness - feel queasy just at the thought of a ship, LOL - but I did have the pleasure of meeting Karen at the Scrap'n4Africa day. Isn't she just divine? And so warm & talented & down-to-earth :o)
    So glad I found you, love your pages, C xxx

  2. Wow! You did an awesome job, Sophia! This makes me feel better about people being able to finish off of the instructions sheet. I love the photos you used! What a little cutie! It was great to meet you in person and I hope to see you again, either in the States or Africa!

  3. Hi Sophia
    Your mini album you finished after we attended Karen's class on the 'Rolling' Rhapsody, turned out snazzy. A beautiful keepsake of Amy for future generations. Thanks to Karen as well for her professional and organised lesson! I am sure you agree that she was truly inspiring!
    Your dear friend in scrapping and life!


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