28 March, 2006

Awesome site; and Rhonna's Challenge has started...

While browsing an Aussie Blog, I came across this TARISOTA, you really have to go take a look see. The colours are just dreamy, and the products are too die for!

I looked at some of the packages they have put together, but by the time it gets shipped to South Africa, it would cost and arm and a leg in shipping costs. What a pity, but alas I think SCRAPBOOK TRADING is coming out with a similar concept too, will have to just wait and see, what

Lousie is up to it again. This woman is awesome and has so many great ideas..."Louise, if you are reading this...we LOVE what you do".

Here is also some recognition for some of our local gals here in South Africa, and in Durban to say the least. This is an article I came across in the Crest magazine..."Well Done, girls, keep up the good work".

Rhonna Farrer's challenege has started and I need to get my A into G, and get started, as Quote 1 has already been posted. So looking forward to this challenge, it is going to be great fun!!! Why don't you come and join in, it is never too late to start...

On the Homefront:

Dad is off to Joburg tonight as he will be attending a Management Course over the next 2 days. So, it is Amy and Mom, home alone...we sure are gonna miss him. But, I am having some friends over to keep me company.

Tuesday night (oh, that is today), Felicity will be coming over for dinner and DVDs, we are having a real girls night, gonna watch all those nice "girly" movies, that Dad hates to watch.

Wednesday night, Gail is coming over for a Scrapbooking lesson and some chat time, as her hubby is away.

Thursday night, Dad is back...Yippee!!!

That is all for now, watch this space for my completed page 1 of the challenge.

Sophia: out

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  1. Go check out www.wildlimesstudio.co.za - they have just launched a new Kit Club in South Africa. I purchased their kit and for the price the products you get are absolutely awesome - enough to do 4 pages and an off the page project.


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