09 January, 2006

Back to the Grindstone

Well, both Murray and I went back to work today, after a nice and enjoyable 2 week holiday.
My desk was piled high with things for me to deal with, slowly working away at it, as I am one who does not like a very cluttered work desk!

It was also Amy's first day back at school, although it is only daycare her school officially opens up on the 18th Jan. Needless to say she was happy to greet Chantal (her teacher) with open arms...made me wonder whether she was happier to be at school or what.

Just been upstairs to check on Amy, as things seem to have gone very quiet, there is Murray and Amy fast asleep on our bed..."priceless"

I think this will be my last post for tonight, as I have spent just about the whole evening trying to fine tune my BLOG. My eyes are starting to droop...

I bid you all a "Good Night"

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  1. Hi Sophia
    Blog looks great - just waiting for pictures of those new layouts you did during the holidays???!!!
    I always admire your writing style. Always so easy and interesting to read!! You must seriusly thinking of taking up writing one day!! See you soon. Love Desire


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