10 January, 2006

Raining all day long...

Well, it looks like the weather is set in for a while. Started raining yesterday, and still is to day. They have predicted 3-4 days of rain. I know that some areas need it, but as long as it does not flood.

Here are a few photos of what we did over the holiday season.

Opening of Christmas presents at the Tostee household in Empangeni. Amy loved every minute of it, she was more aware of what was happening.

Then we headed out to the Allison's in Durban North for another celebration and more present opening...Amy was now in her element, "could life get any better than this?"

Dad organised a surprise Choo Choo Train drive for us on the 2nd Jan. Did not even give us a hint as to where we were going, until we got to "Stokers" Kloof Station, then I knew...

We attempted an afternoon at the Bluff beach, amidst the holiday makers (needless to say, it was pretty quiet down there) for Amy to spend some time playing in the sand and the water, boy did she love it..."I guess the photo tells the story"

I managed to get some "Scrapping" done. Finished a few unfinished pages and added a few more new ones, will post them shortly to a "Scrapbooking Link".

That is it for now.


  1. Sophia,

    merci pour ton site; bien sympa

    yr "cousine" from mtius

  2. Hi Sophia
    Your blog is absolutely great. Love how it keeps the interest going. Stunning LO's as well!! Keep it up!
    Love your Pick-of-the-Crop Fried


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