29 June, 2013

R & R at Bushman's Nek Resort

We just got back from a wonderful week at Bushman's Nek Resort in the Berg. Had the most awesome Winter weather anybody could have asked for. With chilly nights and us sitting around the fire sipping on warm drinks and playing games.

The four us had a great time on our 1 hour out-ride, so much so, that Amy went again the next day. Took walks to the waterfall in Lesotho and the farm...

Towards the end of our week, the weather turned colder and there was snow on the mountains the day we left.

If you want to see our photos, you can go here...

I also have a few projects that need to be photographed and will share all those soon, so watch this space.

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  1. So glad you had a wonderful time. I love hot drinks sitting by the fire.

  2. Love this pic and all the photo's on your IG feed!!


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