09 August, 2012

Snow-Much Fun

Murray decided to surprise the girls and I today to see some snow. Which if you live in Durban, South Africa...is very, very rare!!! Unless you live in the Drakensberg, where it can get very cold and sometimes snow.

Tuesday (just gone past), we had the coldest day ever and it decided to snow inland...but the sad thing is, we were all working or girls at school, but thanks to today being a public holiday (Women's Day), we headed out.

We headed out towards Midlands/Mooi River, only to get through the toll-road at Marianhill and got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, obviously everyone had the same idea as us. A short while after we finally started going again, we pulled off at Camperdown and decided whether we should head in the other direction to Kokstad instead, but Murray chatted to a chap at the garage that told us to go through the back road to PMB and head towards Boston in Underberg...that we would definitely see snow. So, we decided to take his advice and headed towards Underberg...

As we got closer to Underberg, we could see the low mountains covered in snow and finally when we arrived in Boston there was SNOW everywhere, it was a beautiful sight for us all!!!

The girls loved building their snowman with Dad and having snowball fights...

This will be a memory never to be forgotten...♥


  1. Beautiful photo's! So weird to see snow this time of year :-) Not that we're having a great summer overhere, but still... Looks like you've had some wonderful family time!

  2. Soph, I can send you some snow.. pretty soon we will have more than we want as winter is on its way here and the temps are starting to cool off (and too fast for my liking - I am a summer girl all the way. Don't like winter). Very cool that you did get a chance to play in it! :) I can't wait to see these on a page.

  3. Great excursion to see snow and very good photos of a day you won´t forget. Your blog is very interesting. It´s amazing to see that life it´s not so different even in countries so far away. I have also two daughters a bit older. Congratulations for your blog and, specially, for your lovely family! greetings from Spain!


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