06 June, 2012

Early Birthday Present

Got surprised today with my early birthday present, sadly my previous car decided it has given up it's long fight to freedom and wants to retire. Murray and I had been doing some scouting of a small, zippy car that was cheap on fuel with the escalating costs these days...and the affordable choice for us was the Hyundai i10 1.2 in automatic.

It is brand new out of the box, I am the first time owner, and totally loving the new car smell...it's packed with all sorts of bells and whistles and is just the perfect car for me and the girls.

Here is a close up of what my cute little car looks like...I will take more pics tomorrow during daylight tomorrow and post for you all!

This is the first time in my life that I own a brand new car, so I am feeling rather spoilt today, thanks Murray...I love it a lot!!!


  1. Hey Sophs, love the new car. You won't be disappointed with your Hyundai. Probably the best value for money vehicle on the market. Enjoy, Carole

  2. Oh you lucky girl - getting a brand new car for the first time is awesome!!!

    Enjoy it my BFF!!!

    Love, T

  3. Lucky girl! It looks like a winner! Enjoy!

  4. Yeah, Sophie, Carole is right. It’s probably the best car for your money. It’s perfect for your requirements – small and fuel-efficient. Congratulations! I can actually see the car in you, and you in the car. But easy with the driving, okay? That’s a car that can really hike it up a notch. ;)

  5. The good thing about this car is that it’s fuel-efficient and produces low emissions. Hyundai has made it a point that this car would become one of the leaders when it comes to reduced carbon emissions. You made a great choice for your birthday present! :)



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