30 April, 2012

Long Weekend - Day Trip 1

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We decided we would head in two different directions this long weekend...our first trip on Saturday took us down the South Coast to around Port Shepstone, with Oribi Gorge being our first stop. We took a small walk to Samanco Falls, it was not flowing fully...but the girls enjoyed the hike, fresh air and just plain having fun. Needless to say it left Mom & Dad exhausted...which means back to full time gym for me!!!

Next stop was supposed to be Leopard Rock, but due to a private function they were closed (will have to make that another trip on it's own next time.

So, we backtracked and headed down to Lake Eland for lunch and drive through to the Suspension bridge and a quick stop off at the Caves. The sites are breathtakingly beautiful and worth a visit for sure next time you are in the area.

The suspension bridge over the canyon below was a little daunting  at first, but once half way there was no turning back...even if it swayed as more people came on it.

It was great to be outdoors and having fun as a family...which we plan on doing more often.

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  1. Gorgeous pics Sophia, i think i'm going to have to ear-mark this for our next trip up to Natal.



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