17 March, 2012

St. Patrick's Instagram Blog Hop

Welcome to the blog hop...

Jessy Christopher got us all interested in doing an "Instagram" buddy blog hop for St. Patrick's Day, with keeping in the GREEN theme. 

Here is the fun part...For all of you who follow my blog and leave a comment below, will go into a draw to win this.

I created a gorgeous card with 3D clover flowers on it. The lucky winner of my blog hop will get this too...

The hop will run from 17 March at 7am till 20 March at midnight...

I now leave you with this delicious morsel to try out...

~ recipe can be found here ~

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed yourself on the Instagram Blog Hop...♥


Laura Banasiak | laurabanasiak : www.simply-scraps.net 

Leah Farquharson | bluebirdchicllc : www.bluebirdchic.com/blog 

Jamie Lee | jyylee : www.scrapyourcreativity.blogspot.com 

Faridah Hajarmustika | mustikmonkeys : www.mustikmonkeys.com 

Gina Lideros | ginalideros: www.canoncreativegirl.blogspot.com 

Suryanti Halim | isur : www.suryanti-halim.blogspot.com 

Katy Hedger | polkadotlove : www.katy-itsmyworld.blogspot.com 

Wati Basri | watibasri : www.scrapcreation.blogspot.com 

Jenny Gecos | mrsjennyg : www.mycreativelife29.blogspot.com 

Allison Waken | allisonwaken : www.allisonwaken.com 

Kristine Davidson | kristined: www.kristinedavidson.com 

Sasha Farina | sashafarina: www.sashafarina.com 

Lindsey Hansen l lindzeyhanzen : lindsey-hansen.com 

Leena Loh | findingnana: www.findingnana.com 

Nina Burgess | ladybugnina : www.adventuresinbugland.blogspot.com 

Azura Alyssa | azuraalyssa : www.hyperblogicationz.blogspot.com 

Sophia Allison | sophiaallison : www.sallison.blogspot.com 

Vee Jennings | strawbvee : www.creativeblessing.blogspot.com 

NattArida Smith | tinynatt : www.tinynatt.blogspot.com 

Amy Lynne Lassiter | amlynnelassiter : www.sparklinggnome.wordpress.com 

Helga Vergara | helga_vergara : www.helgapayawalvergara.blogspot.com 

Michelle Lanning | michellelanning : www.michellelanning.com 

Juanna Sia | juannahope : www.scrappinghope.blogspot.com 

Daniela Dobson | danieladobson : www.danieladobson.blogspot.com 

Jeanne M. Wigoena | jeannew : www.jeanneloves.wordpress.com 

Michelle K | michellek : www.michellelovesallsorts.blogspot.com 

Vanessa Rupp-Hayden | veerupp : www.grooveygrover.blogspot.com 

Jessy Christopher | jcchris : www.teacherjessy.blogspot.com

THANKS for dropping by...


  1. Love the card and the creative use of the heart punch.

  2. These cards are the cutest! I will follow you in IG, my username: jyylee :)

  3. Owww the card is so pretty, great giveaway :) hope your enjoying the hope!

    Katy xx

  4. Hi Sophia Sweetie...
    What a gorgeous share today. I love, LOVE your gift of love. That little bucket is TDF. LOVE it, and all of the treasures, oh my. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful opportunity to have my name in the drawing.

    I am your newest follower and I can't wait to see what you share next. I love your card as well. LUCKY you. That is just priceless. You did a wonderful job.

    Have a glorious weekend sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry

  5. Happy St. Pat's day! Adorable card.

  6. Great card and thanks for the chance to win

  7. Your card is gorgeous Sophia:))

  8. Fabulous card Sophs!

  9. What a gorgeous card, Sophia!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  10. So cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

    bre - btaphotography AT hotmail.com

  11. your card is gorgeous.
    i am following you on instagram also on your blog.
    thanks for the chance, Sophia
    so glad can know and add crafty friend like you

  12. Love ur blog! The card is adorable... I've loved this bloghop and meeting lots of new ppl! catch up soon

  13. What a cute giveaway!! :)

    melissa jo 17 @gmail.com

  14. i'll have that piece of cake please xo

  15. My name is evelyn you can find me on Instagram : geekgalz.

    Live in Indonesia and a wedding photographer who love scrapbook very much.

    Pls choose me as a winner to win.

    Falling in love with your green card..is pretty cool

    I wish i can win it! thx *pray a lot hehehehhehe

  16. Such an awesome giveaway!! You are so good with the designs :) Thanks for participating the IG blog hop :)

  17. Hi! I've had fun hopping! :)


Thanks for stopping by, I love reading all your comments...♥