18 July, 2011

Leave of absence

Just for a few days, while in hospital...so just wanted to let my blog readers know, in case you wondered what happened to me.

I have to have a scheduled hysterectomy, due to a prolapsed uterus.

So, I go in bright and early tomorrow morning and I will be in very good hands, Dr Martin at Westville Hospital is wonderful, he delivered my girls too...

All going well, I should be back home by Thursday or Friday, then some much needed bed rest as per Doc's instructions...

Have bought some books to read, and also Murray has some chick flicks ready for me.

Murray will be doing all the school runs and shopping and swimming lessons etc etc etc, but I know he will do just great, he is a wonderful father...♥

So, until then...I will catch with you all soon! Off to pack my bag for hospital and get to bed for an early start...


  1. Wishing you a good recovery & try & make the best of the rest.

  2. You will be in my thoughts and prayers!! The "rest" part will be a challenge:) - try to stay away from too much scrapping:)

  3. Hope it all went well Sophs!!

  4. Trusting all went well and that you will be on the road to recovery soon.


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