05 June, 2011

Madame Zingara Highlights

Just thought I would share some of the highlights from our evening...

A night of true fantasy and indulgence come to life. Sadly Murray could not go, as he was full of flu...but Tracy was my last minute standby and we had a great time together filled with so much fun and laughter.

Collected our VIP tickets at the entrance, while walking around taking photos etc, this weird fantasy creature came out of no where and gave Tracy a fright that she screeched...

This chap was totally mesmerizing to watch with his crystal ball...

The Mad Hatter was on top form with his quirky comments and jokes.

We each took a reading from this lovely lady...this is what mine said: "Stop studying, stop preparing, stop searching. Start teaching, doing, manifesting, producing. The rehearsals are over, YOUR SHOW IS ON!"

Once the door opened, we headed inside with our welcome cocktails...too divine for words. Ushered to our seats by the lovely and wonderful Baroness, he was on top form all night. I was amazed how he managed on those very high heels...

Starters were then served, before the introduction to the show.

Followed, by ravioli filled with butternut. Then fillet medallions served with Belgian chocolate chili sauce...as for dessert you get all 3 not just one...yum. The attention to detail is simply out of this world...!!!

An evening of pure delight...will do it again next year!!!


  1. That looks like fun! I am so glad you enjoyed yourself!

  2. Looks like you had an awesome evening and the pics to prove it;-)

  3. Aww man looks like you guys had a blast this weekend!!! Hope that I ♥
    market went well on Saturday to!!!!


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