15 August, 2010

Belated Birthday Party

Was waiting for a friend to return from the UK and also yesterday was the only afternoon the Cupcake Boutique could have my party, all I can say...it was worth the wait!

Helga put on a wonderful event for my birthday with my theme being "Mad Hatter's Tea Party", she had every detail covered...and I am sure those ladies who came will agree with me too.

From pink lemonade being served out of teapots to the decadent cupcakes and awesome birthday cake. Sandwiches cut into shapes of hearts, spades, etc. clocks on table and paintbrushes in the flower pots, what more could a girl ask for, but to be surrounded by her wonderful friends and enjoying the lovely afternoon together.

Thanks ladies for making this year a memorable one, now will have to see what we can do next year...

So, with that said I leave you with some photos...


  1. lovely photos and the hats are so cute. loved the cake too!

  2. Woweeee - your hat is stunning!! Everything looked amazing - enjoy scrpabooking the gazillion photos :)


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