06 April, 2010

Easter has come and gone...

It was great having the 4 days off, even though it went way too fast for my liking. Have not posted a family update in a while so thought now is a good a time as ever...

The girls spent their first week of the school holidays at my folks place, before I dropped them off at the airport. They left on Friday evening to the UK, to visit my brother and his new baby. They are spending 2 months there, lucky fishes.

On Saturday, I took Amy to watch "How to train your Dragon" in 3D, it was a great movie, totally recommend it for the kids.

Sunday we spent it at Murray's folks place with Easter egg hunting and a nice lunch afterward. The girls stayed behind when we left, as they are spending the last week at M's folks for some fun time.

As for Max, he is growing up way too fast, now weighing in at 12kgs in just over 2 months. He is going to be  a BIG boy...but gotta love his sweet nature and always has us laughing...

I had my weigh-in today and have lost another 0.8kgs, which makes it a total of 9.8kgs which I am very happy with.

Anyways, that is about it for now...I will leave you with some super cute photos to look at.

Hope you all had a great Easter!


  1. Gorgeous pics. Love the matching dresses and baskets. If only i could get my girls to do the same!

    Enjoy the quiet without them, n ext week back to the chaos of school again!

  2. Love the way the pics of Max came out!!!and your girls are just lovely!!

  3. cute cute and more cute! LOVE all of those photos, sophia!


  4. I love your photos...your girls looks so pretty.

    Well done on the continued weight loss.

  5. Your Easter pics are beautiful! Looks like you had a lovely day. :-)

  6. Those are so cute cute pictures!!!

  7. Stunning pictures - your girls are certainly growing up. Max is too cute.


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