05 February, 2010

Want to Win?

Some awesome Kiki Art products...

The prize...
The complete LOVE/AMOR and Hot AIR Balloon collections. How to get it? Tell us what was the general theme for our blogs in January and who was your favorite author for that month. You can also leave her a comment at her post, and that will increase your chances to WIN!

This is how...
1. Log onto Facebook. Then, become a FAN of Kiki Art.

2. Go to the Kiki Art’s Facebook Page, and leave a comment on her wall post stating the theme for the blog in January. Don’t know what the theme is?! Check out the Kiki Art blog to review what the majority of the posts were about...

3. For another chance to win, leave a wall post stating who wrote your favorite blog post in the month of January.

4. You have until Sunday night to play, so get to it!

So what are you waiting for...go now!!!

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