21 February, 2010


Was just perfect for a day here...

We headed down to the beach for some R & R and let the girls have some fun. We are blessed to be able to enjoy days like this, together as a family. LIFE IS GOOD!!!

What did you do this weekend...?


  1. Such beautiful pics - your little one is so so gorgeous!

    I danced the night away and then had a catered for a superb function.

  2. It was a gorgeous day and we are truly blessed to be able to spend time with family ....

    Pity the waves weren't too good so my boys couldn't surf .... sigh ... but you can't have it all ...

    Gorgeous pics ...

  3. Man I wish we lived closer to the ocean!!!! I rushed around this weekend chasing my tail in circles - did get a bit of photography in there though

  4. Stunning pictures and yes we are so lucky to have such wonderful weather. We went up to the top of the Moses Madiba Statium and the views were awesome! Will post soon.


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