02 January, 2010


Belated wishes, but better than nothing...

I hope 2010 is everything you wish it to be and more. I hope you have all set yourselves some resolutions and goals to reach.

As for myself, this year I loose weight and get fit. I sign up with WEIGHLESS on Tuesday and starting getting to use my Virgin Active gym a bit more...

Okay, I am not obese, but seeing that we have finished adding to our family, I NOW want to shed those extra kgs off and become a HOT MAMA (just kidding)...I guess it does help to dream though. I want to feel good when I go try on clothes at the shops too.

{Amanda, you and I in our bikinis at the spa pool September International Scrapbook Convention - bet is on!!!}

Been away at my folks for the last few days and their internet speed was so bad, that is was pointless trying to use my laptop there with wireless.

We had temps of 41degrees, almost melted, but the swimming helped a little.

Anyways I leave you with a few fun photos of Old Years Eve...


  1. love the 2010 glasses - very cute!!!
    looking forward to seeing the "lighter" side of life with you this year ;-)

  2. gorg glasses - will be such fun scrapping those shots.
    Hope 2010 is all you dream it to be!


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