25 July, 2009

Playing Catch Up

I guess it was time to post some happenings around here.

Picked up the girls from my folks last weekend, after we had a weeks free time (which was nice,but the house seemed too quiet. While up I had booked to attend Venessa's Scrap Day event, which was great fun.We did a very cute double page LO in the morning (just got journaling left, then will upload). After a tasty lunch, cooked by her and hubby, it was on to our next project, a super cute mini album with the most gorgeous handmade flower...really had fun making mine, so there will be lots more made by yours truly.

It was back to school on Monday for the girls, after a few weeks holidays. Which I think will be nice for them to get back into routine.They also brought home their school photos...they look so cute, see below...

I cannot believe that July is almost up and that I am another year older next Thursday (30th),where has the time flown to?

Not doing anything exciting,besides going to movies with a few of my GFs next Saturday,which will be a treat, as I have not been in a while.

Amy is back into her swimming lessons,and today she was showing me how she does a somersault in the water, I was so amazed how she has come a long way in her swimming...so proud of you my girl. I guess it will be Chloe's turn soon,but will only be starting in Jan 2010.

Patiently waiting for my 2 boxes to arrive, so that I can start on my DT work...there are some exciting things lined up on the PebblesInc blog for the next coming months...so watch this space closely!

Will love and leave you, and post a bit more later, hope you are enjoying your Saturday!!!


  1. Very cute photos!!! Isn't it too cold to swim?

  2. Amy and Chloe are soo cute - lovely photos!!

  3. Gosh Chloe looks like u! very cute pics.

  4. I love your photos of the girls, so sweet! I hope you received your box! I hope you have a great Birthday week!


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