12 May, 2009

Finally Surfacing...

This afternoon I decided to catch up on my blog and post some news...

Let me see where do I start...

My prize for the Mon A Memories Spring Crop finally arrived below, as well as my swap goodies from the Bunny swap, thanks Cady, love it all!!!

Amy was invited to Emma's Clown party a few weeks back, and they had loads of fun. The girls got their faces painted by these 2 young teenagers dressed as clowns, they really did some great work on the kids...even Chloe got her cheek done and was so proud of it.

Last Monday was a very BIG day for little Miss Chloe. It was her 1st day at Cowies Hill Pre-Primary school. It went fine, no hanging onto me or any crying. Only me with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye, thinking this is her first BIG steps into the BIG wide world...Her day went fine.

2nd day came and went with no struggles. Come to the 3rd day, she finally had clicked what was going on. Mom was leaving me here with all these other small children and 2 very nice teachers. Amy can second that, as she also had Belinda, when she was in Tiggers. When it was time to hand her over, she started the tears and clinging onto me, but I was told that once I was gone, she was fine...

By the end of the week, she had settled in nicely, so much so, that I had to drag her away from the big sandpit, where she was playing with Amy and her friends, what more can I say, but the picture below shows you how much fun she has been having...

Murray has been off work all week, sick with the nasty flu going around, and who happens to get it, non other, but me. So I spent Mother's Day in bed, while Murray took the girls to his folks for lunch. Oh, well, we can celebrate another time.

Finally got back to work today, so feeling a lot better than I did on Sunday. Nothing that antibiotics cannot help with.

Happened to go catch up on my blog reader and see that I have won a RAK over at Color Me Daisy's blog...how cool!!!

Anyways, I think it's time I posted some new LOs for you to oogle over, hope you enjoy them.

Catch you later.


  1. Sophia, you and Murray can really be proud of your two beautiful daughters. Must say I think Chloe really takes after her Mom on the looks front. Hugs from Desire

  2. Love all your projects! And the pics of your girls are adorable.

  3. these creations are beautiful and your girls are darling! i love the look of your blog!


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