05 February, 2009

Weekend Update

*** SORRY SO LATE, but I have been in hospital ***

It was Amy's Prince & Princess party on Saturday (24/1) at Duck & Deck Animal Farm. The lady who I booked to make the cake, phoned to cancel and it was too late to phone anybody else. I phoned my Mom and told her that between the two of us we had to produce a cake of some sort.

My folks arrived Friday night. That evening my Mom and I made the chocolate sponge cake and thanks to Jacqui who emailed me a picture and recipe of how to make a Castle cake, we pulled it off okay, I think. THANKS, to my Mom who did the most part, I really appreciate it!!!

Weather looked gloomy on Saturday, but it managed to hold out until everyone had left.

The kids had great fun, feeding the animals; going for horse rides; running; playing everywhere and stuffing their cute little faces.

I just want to thank all of you who came to make her day special, she was thrilled to see you all there.

I will leave you all with this montage of photos of Amy's birthday, enjoy!


  1. She looks gorgeous... I'm sure it all worked out fine.

    And why hospital again??? Or was that to have your stitches (ummm staples) out?

  2. It really looks like Amy had a wonderful and memorable party. Remember, next time plan and make the cake yourself ... you are so creative! Great photos of the party. Hugs from Desire


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