27 October, 2008

Creative Overload and Weekend Fun

Met Venessa for tea at her home on Friday, it was great and I got to met her her kids and vice versa. THANKS for my American Craft goodies, it will put it to good use for sure.

I have been fairly creative this weekend and managed to get a few things done, as you will see below, as well as finish my DT projects for end of the month upload to MMFY.

I finished a few more LOs from Joburg below. These were from Celine Navarro's class. She was such a  cool chick, very arty and creative. These pages did not grab me at the time, but I must say I kinda like the look of the end result.

This LO, was one of them that I completed at Ellie's party on Saturday...love my little Bunny Girls. I think the colours worked very well here and the cut flowers added a nice fresh Easter feel to it.

I also managed to finish some cards as you will see below.

Went to Murray's folks for lunch yesterday, was a great day, just very windy. I managed to get these pics of the family having fun outdoors.

It was a fairly relaxed weekend at home...that is why I managed to get lots done, in between the girls not needing my attention.

On that note, WELL DONE to our boys for winning the Currie Cup.

Hope your weekend was good too...!


  1. The layouts are lovely Sophia. Chloe is becoming a real cutie.

  2. Lovely layouts Sophia. I also like the Bunnies one - very cute.

  3. Nice layouts Sophia. You have done so well with your convention ones. Mine are beginning to "nag" at me... hehehe... one day soon I hope!

  4. Wow Great layouts Sophia and beautiful photos!

  5. Great LO's! Loved looking at your blog!!

  6. Great LO's (love the butterflies!) Chloe is getting so big!

  7. Great L.O's Sophia...her class looks like it was creatively inspiring for sure.
    Your girls are adorable...I like the pic's in the tunnel. Great colours...make for a great L.O!

  8. Sweet layouts! I love "Bunnies" most of all. SO cute!

  9. Duh! Now that I see them again I realise I have admired them already in my google reader... didn't sink in that they were Celine's - can you tell I sometimes skim read? You did an awesome job with them. Hope your supper was good too.


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