05 July, 2008

All-Nighter Success

OMG Tracy, we did it!!!

Thanks for a wonderful evening/morning session. Even though my eyes feel like they still have sand in them...I am finally trying to surface around the house...so, dying to finish my Easter LO that I started.

Murray was kind enough to let me catch up on some much needed sleep, so the least I can do is let him have his afternoon nap, although I wish it was me, again (that is problem when you have wee ones in the house, no rest allowed).

At least I can say I finished my 1st page for my BOM Album...yay, one down and many to go, look forward to seeing the other challenges in due course.

We never laughed so hard, so much much so we nearly cried...I think I did the eating for both Tracy and I...lol

I think the REDBULL had the opposite effect on me...something weird there!

So, glad I managed to get your stitching program working, as I am so dying to see some of your work on your blog real soon.

Don't forget to come join in my birthday celebration and help me turn 40, there is a RAK involved.

Off to go play a bit...


  1. Hey Sophs

    Thanks soooo much for coming - it was so much fun. Even though you spoke and ate most of the night - just kidding, although WE did talk alot, you probably got more done than I did. I love your first BOM challenge. Send it to me so that I can post it - I'm sure your fans would love to see it! Next one at your place next month? I'm there! Also very excited about the BIG 4-0 PARTY - I have some divine surprises for you and I am so looking forward to scrapping with Vanessa. Also working on the make-and-take. It's gonna be a blast!!! Love, T

  2. venessa matthews08 July, 2008 22:27

    you girls are NUTS NUTS NUTS..... a good nuts though. Hey Tracy will be nice to scrap with you girls too, the excitement in Sohpia World, wow - should be an awesome day.


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