06 May, 2008

A Long Weekend

We have just had a very long weekend, 4 days...I think it will be the last for quite a while now.

My folks came down for the weekend and spent it with us. Amy always loves having my Mom around.

Saturday morning it was Chloe's Baptism and she was so cute in the SAME gown that Amy got baptised in. It was a lovely ceremony and her Godparents are Alex & Nick Marot. Murray and I are very grateful to have you both as her Godparents...THANK YOU!!!

Alex - Godparent

Nick - Godparent

Estelle & Jose (my Dad's brother)

Then it was snacks and drinks at our place for a while. My Mom made the cake, as I phoned to order one and they wanted to charge me R500.00. So, I told my Mom to please make one and I got some decorations from Bake-A-Tub, and I think the cake looked beautiful...don't you?

The rest of our friends left later, as they ended up staying to watch the rugby.

Sunday, I took my Mom to Gateway for some shopping and we met up with my brothers Henri & Chris, and their families...was fun.

Then, on the way out, Amy spotted the Build A Bear Shop, so we had to go inside, and she chose a new bunny that she stuffed and put a little heart in it's body and then it was off to shop for an outfit, then Bear Affairs to get a birth certificate...too cute for words!

So, here she is with Jasmine her new addition to her cuddly toys, as if she does not have enough.

I have now been back at work for 2 days and so far it is going well. My maid Florence is coping well with Chloe at home. I felt a little sad having to leave her on the Monday, but to see her smile when I got home, made it all worth while.

Catch you later this week...


  1. The pictures of the christening look lovely and also show that Chloe had a good time. The cake is beautiful. It is ridiculous what some people want to charge.

    Welcome back to the working world. It is always hard leaving the little ones after being with them all the time. But glad you have a capable maid who can do the trick.


  2. It looks like Chloe took the baptism in her stride ... even now and then smiling for the camera ... a true scrapbooking Mom's daughter ... the picture need to be perfect ... for that perfect page coming up. The pictures with the stained glass backdrop are beautiful and the cake came out lovely. I also detected that the parents were also very proud of their second daughter.

    Everything of the best at work ... it will take a while getting use to leaving Chloe behind in the mornings, but she will get into a routine very quickly, if not already seeing that she welcomed you home with a smile.

  3. jacki janse van rensburg14 May, 2008 17:08

    just popped in again. i read your blog quite often, but don't always say hi...


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