13 March, 2008

Just for a laugh

Ladies you have to watch this if you have not already done so. It had me laughing so much that I nearly fell off my chair.

Who would have ever thought that tools hiding in his garage could be so useful.

To view click here.


  1. I had happy mail today from some sweet little lady in South Africa!!! Thank you so much for thinking of me!!! I have still been looking all over the place here with no luck on finding them!! You are such a sweetheart!!! Thanks again!!!

  2. Absolutely masculin excellence!!! Just shows you ... the gals actually don't need to use their husbands' credit cards for all those fancy scrapping tools ... they are already in hubby's garage ... rather use that credit card for a little black number. Love it.

  3. That was hysterical - but at least he has imagination!!!


  4. Ha,Ha,Ha! That was pretty funny. Now I am off to check out DH's work bench for fun stuff to use!

  5. jacki janse van rensburg19 March, 2008 14:28

    sooo funny! i put a link on my blog too. this is too good not to share...


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