31 March, 2008

Belated Easter Happenings and Fun Weekend

Well, I have been fairly busy at home of late, that is why I have been behind on my blog posts.

So, I will start with Easter weekend...

My folks came down on the Thursday afternoon. Friday I took my Mom, Amy and Chloe shopping at the Pavilion shopping centre. My Mom loves it, as she does not have half the shops we have here, so it is always a real treat for her...of course Amy knows how to get her to buy her a thing or two.

Saturday morning I took my folks to my Dad's sister Brigitte's for tea in Mt Edgecombe. It was great seeing them after such a long time, chatted about the family and what everyone has been up to.

Sunday, we all went to Murray's folks. Murray's Dad and I hid the Easter eggs etc in the garden with little signposts marking the spots where treasures would be for Amy, Chloe still too small. Amy had a ball hunting around in the garden finding and looking for Easter treasures. She got way too many chocolates, which I know we will be eating in the end. I even took some of her plastic eggs, removed the sweets from it and added little trinkets into it. She was most pleased when she opened them and found those...it made her Easter, that much more special.

Here are some fav photos from Amy's Easter hunt below...

After all the hunting was over and photos had been taken. It was off to El Firenze restaurant, as Murray's Dad was treating my folks and us out to a nice lunch there.

Monday, I took my Mom back to the Pav, for some last minute shopping.

Wednesday, we spent it at Murray's Mom, just the girls and I, as Dad was at work...it was nice spending time with her. We watched their horse, Subreastra run a race at Greyville and she won her race...that was so awesome for them.

Friday, Dad had taken the day off from work, as we where driving to Mooi River to spend the weekend with friends at Sierra Ranch.

On the way we stopped off for lunch at the Bierfassl, and Murray had his long awaited Eisbein as per normal and I had the Pork Schnitzel, both were equally delicious. Amy had hotdog and smiley face chips...

Made it to the ranch shortly after lunch, checked into our room and relaxed, until Peter and Merinka and kids arrived.

After dinner, we spent the evening relaxing in the lounge area, played some Bingo and I won a whole R25.00 on one of the games.

Saturday morning after breakfast, Amy had pony rides and went to play in the play area for kids. Just before lunch, we had booked to go Quad biking, I was taking Amy with me and Dad was taking her again on Sunday. It was a wonderful experience, seeing it was my first time riding one of these and Amy loved it too bits. The guide took us on a wonderful ride down to the river and all around the ranch, this was money well spent.

In the evening after dinner, they had 2 games, 20 Questions and Bingo again. Yours truly won the 20 Questions. I got 13/20 and won chocolates for our group...yummy!

Sunday, Murray went Quad biking and took Amy again, she was so thrilled to be going a second time.

Then it was time for lunch, and we left shortly after that.

All in all, it was a weekend well spent with good friends, good food (which we did not have to cook), makes it more fun. All we had to do was sit back and relax, my kind of holiday...

Here are a few photos we managed to get from the weekend.

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Sierra Ranch Mar '08

Amy is into her second week of her holidays, and plans to spend a few days at Murray's folks.

Just some random pics of Amy having fun with Murray's Dad, Brian a couple of weekends ago.

To those of you on holiday enjoy the rest of yours.


  1. Scraplift away my friend! Looks like you had a good Easter! Happy scrapping!

  2. Your photos are stunning and certainly show that you all had a really great Easter and holiday at Sierra Ranch.

    I look forward to seeing the scrapped pages!



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