16 February, 2008

Belated Valentine Wishes

Just wanted to wish you all a day full of love for the 14th Feb, that has just past. Was meant to post then, but have been on and off with a bad bout of gastro. The only good thing that might have come from it...is ME perhaps having lost some weight!!! The bad part, is that Murray got it and so did Amy...touch wood, Chloe has not yet and I hope it stays that way.

I had such good intentions of hiding Murray's little Valentine cards all over the house, but was bed ridden and not feeling up to hiding anything. So, he just got them all at once. All my hard work on those valentines cards and mini albums etc, that you saw me post, was much appreciated by him.

Amy got a Mickey & Minnie pen set that when their lips meet to kiss, their eyes close...too sweet.

As for me, I got some flowers and a voucher for a much needed deep facial and back massage..YAY! I am so in need to go get me some papering and feel on cloud 9 again.

Amy had her friend Emma come play on Thursday. They had such a fun afternoon...icing heart shaped cupcakes; playing on the trampoline and watching a movie.

We where meant to go to Mbona this weekend with some good friends of ours Ant & Jason, but due to the fact we have a bug we did not want to pass it on to the others. Hope we will get invited next time round again...sorry guys!

If you remember a while back my LO entry won first round for the Guest Designer Search for Scrapkits. Now that all three round winners have been chosen. We got our kit in the post with which we have to create a LO to submit for the final round. So, I have been working on mine today, and I must say I am pleased with the end result. I just hope it is good enough to get me a 1st Place in May, as they will announce the winner at their Crop Day, which I am going to be a helper at.

I have got through Round 2 at MMFY Survivor, so it is onto Round 3 so far...

I still have a lot of other challenges I need to complete for the site, so I hope to get some of those done today or tomorrow too.

Some pics of my sleeping princess, she looks so peaceful...

Also just wanted to say a BIG Thank You to Jenny. She attended Desire's Scrap Day in Jan, which I could not make. She asked if she could have some photos of the Amy & Chloe, as one of the kits for the day was a girly page...this is the end result, which she kindly gave to me. I think it came out so beautifully, thanks Jen, I really appreciate it...!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and hope you are as productive as I will be...


  1. Great photos Shophia. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like everyone got nicely spoit on Valentine's day - enjoy your pampering!

    Chloe is getting so cute, even when she sleeps.

    Jenny showed me her layout and told me it was going to you - so glad you liked it, I though it was sweet that she was doing it for you.

    Happy creating and scrapping!!


  3. So sorry to hear that most of the family was not feeling well over the Valentines period. Hope you are all feeling better by now. Congratulations on going through to the next rounds with the two competitions - you deserve - don't know of any scrapper more dedicated than you are when it gets to taking part in competitions. Chloe always looks so peaceful. Glad you liked the layout Jenny did for you at my Scrap Day ... it was very kind of her to do a layout for you ... a special friend indeed. Get 100% fit again ... Love your friend in the Big Smoke ... Desire

  4. Your family is gorgeous... I enjoyed peeking at your page... love your scrapbooking too!!

  5. OH my goodness Sophia! I just want to squeeze those chubby darling cheeks! How beautiful is she?!
    Thank you so much for adding my lil' blinkie too!
    You're the best!
    Kelly @ Keep In Touch


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