20 February, 2008

3 Months Today

OMG, where does the time go to...

I cannot believe that my sweet, precious baby girl Chloe, is 3 months today...makes me wanna cry, cause I don't want her to grow up so fast.

She has been able to hold her head quite strongly from a very young age, all she wants to do is stand, when you hold her...

She started to sleep through from 2.5 months, so that has been great on Mom to get sleep at night.

It has been the best 3 months any mother can ask for. She is so good, she hardly cries for anything, unless it is for her milk, change nappy or uncomfortable about something. She is the most smiliest baby I have ever known, sorry need to boast here...proud Mom

Here are a few photos of my sweet Chloe.

Hope you enjoyed that...

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  1. She is really such a cutie. Chloe looks a lot like Amy.

    Have fun with her.



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